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We’ve got Solutions!  At Jersey Wyldlife LLC, we specialize in humane wildlife removal, offering professional services that bring peace and safety to your property while protecting the wildlife that has infiltrated your home or business. 

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Jersey Wyldlife LLC is a full service nuisance wildlife removal company serving Northern NJ and the surrounding areas. We specialize in urban and suburban wildlife damage management for both residential and commercial customers. We have the proper equipment and knowledge it takes to perform these services professionally and effectively. Jersey Wyldlife LLC handles nearly all aspects of wildlife in a humane and professional manner. Contact us for all of your nuisance wildlife removal needs.
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Wildlife Control Services

Property Inspection

At Jersey Wyldlife LLC, once an inspection is requested and scheduled, one of our WCO’S…

Wildlife Exclusion

Wildlife Exclusion is a multi-step process starting with a complete Property Inspection to…

Residential & Commercial Trapping

Trapping is our last line of defense. In some cases, the only option is to humanely trap the…

Attic Restoration

Attic remediation is a vital service when it comes to restoring your home’s safety and…

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Humane Treatment

Our WCO's employ methods and practices that
prioritize the safety and well-being of animals while addressing and mitigating human-wildlife conflicts.

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Our wildlife removal services are performed in a
safe and responsible manner with the latest and
most advanced equipment.

Customer Reviews

Jersey Wyldlife, LLCExcellentJersey Wyldlife, LLC5.0 Based on 32 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onJoan FayJoan Fay ★★★★★ Upon spotting a squirrel in my fireplace I had to find someone to help me. The company I use for ants and bees on my property told me they highly recommended Michael of Jersey Wyldlife. Michael was able to come right away and remove the squirrel. He examined the chimney to see how the squirrel got in. The cap on the chimney was too small allowing an animal to fit in and slide down the chimney. Michael replaced the cap with the proper sized stainless steel cap and caulked the secondary cap. I am happy to highly recommend Jersey Wyldlife. Michael is a hard working, intelligent and friendly. He is the one to call if you have a problem with wildlife.Christopher KarakosChristopher Karakos ★★★★★ We are so glad we used Mike to remove the squirrels that made a home in our exhaust vent. Mike was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable of what had to be done. He removed the squirrels without harming them, exactly as he said he would. He answered all of our questions and we highly recommend his services.Pamela NicholaisPamela Nicholais ★★★★★ Little creatures were in our attic we called Mike who was very professional and friendly. As you see we had a huge opening on the side of our home. Mike was understanding and was very knowledgeable. We would highly recommend Mike for any wildlife issue. Thanks MikeBernadette BielitzBernadette Bielitz ★★★★★ I can only sing praises for Mike at Jersey Wyldlife LLC. After reading some of the reviews here (plus on FB), I contacted Mike who was very responsive in answering my call and coming up with a plan for my suspected raccoon issue. I am only sharing a couple of photos from the 2nd floor which show the damage and another one of repair and prevention. He also fixed the trim by a nearby window and caulked it to prevent possible intrusions. He was very transparent in his services and costs. As other reviews attest, he looks to treat wildlife in a humane way because that's the focus of his business: removal and prevention. He also scouted other areas of my house to see where there might be potential entries and advised on further prevention. I have never had any animal control company do this nor do they repair anything. They just trap and release. Most aren't responsive. As we all are living with the effects of overdevelopment and the impact on wildlife near our homes, I find that I was very fortunate to find Mike. His work, communication and ethics distinguish him from the rest. And, he's a nice guy but you'd gather that if you read the other reviews!Krish PKrish P ★★★★★ If I can give 10 stars I certainly would! Mike and his team are great to work with and are very friendly and professional. Mike takes pride in the work he performs as well as keeps you informed on all steps. We had a family of groundhog & not only did Mike and his team help relocate them they also did other work around my shed to prevent others making it their home. They also relocated them successfully. After the work for done Mike also circled back to check in and ensure we did not see any issues which I thought was great customer services. I highly recommend Jersey Wyldlife LLC!!!!Margie CulhaneMargie Culhane ★★★★★ Jersey Wyldlife came to relocate a snake that was living in our outdoor patio furniture. Mike was so helpful and knowledgable, we had great confidence in his expertise, We are especially pleased that our snake is going to a good home (it turned out to be blind in one eye and could not be released back into the wild). Not to mention he's a very nice guy! Will definitely use him again if needed.Shannon MattShannon Matt ★★★★★ Highly recommend. Jersey Wyldlife has great customer service. Mike answered all of my questions and explained the entire process. He humanely evicted a family of raccoons out of my attic and repaired the damages temporarily until I was able to have a roofer come out and repair the roof. He was reasonably priced and did such great work that I recommended him to my parents for their house.js_loader

Property Inspection

At Jersey Wyldlife LLC, once an inspection is requested and scheduled, one of our WCO’S will arrive on site, ask a few questions and inspect your property to determine the extent of any damage, possible entry points, and the type of animal damaging your property. Questions might include: “What have you heard, smelled or even seen?” and “How long has the problem been going on?” We’ll then locate all points of entry, determine the best course of action to remove the nuisance wildlife and provide any possible preventative measures to prevent future wildlife activity.

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Wildlife Exclusion

Wildlife Exclusion is a multi-step process starting with a complete property inspection to determine all points of entry and to devise a plan to remove the nuisance wildlife that has invaded your home. Wildlife has an innate ability to survive, and in their quest for survival and comfort, animals find themselves taking shelter in homes – usually in attics, crawl spaces, chimneys, and even inside your walls. Raccoons, bats, squirrels, and other wildlife are quite resourceful, and will find their way into homes one way or another.

Once all the points of entry are located, exclusion devices such as one-way doors, Bat cones, Pro cones, and different types of excluders that allow nuisance wildlife a safe way to exit, are strategically installed. In addition to the installation of the exclusion devices, any openings created by the nuisance wildlife will be thoroughly sealed off.

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Residential and Commercial Trapping

Trapping is our last line of defense. In some cases, the only option is to humanely trap the nuisance wildlife. In the instance that trapping is the only option available, a trapping approach will be implemented in order to remove any nuisance animals from your home or yard. Contact us or call (973) 572-6461 to schedule a property inspection.

All traps MUST be checked and tended at least once every 24 hours, preferably in the morning.

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Attic Restoration

Attic remediation is a vital service when it comes to restoring your home’s safety and cleanliness. Animals such as raccoons, bats, or rodents can leave behind waste in your attic, which not only poses health risks but can also cause property damage. At Jersey Wyldlife LLC, we specialize in thorough attic remediation to ensure your space is free from contamination and potential health hazards. Our experts will not only remove animal waste and soiled insulation but also sanitize and deodorize your attic, leaving it safe, clean, and comfortable once again. Your health and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we are here to help you reclaim your home.

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