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  • Explore our wide range of humane wildlife removal services customized to address various wildlife challenges. From safe animal exclusion methods to ethical trapping and relocation, we offer solutions designed to ensure the well-being of both your property and the animals involved. Jersey Wyldlife LLC is committed to delivering efficient, humane, and sustainable strategies.

The Wyldlife Warranty

Our warranty is simple!  If any nuisance wildlife gets past our work within a 1 Year Period, we will return and fix the issue, provided that our work has not been tampered with by any other contractor or individual other than Jersey Wyldlife, LLC.


Property Inspection

At Jersey Wyldlife LLC, once an inspection is requested and scheduled, one of our WCO’S will arrive on site, ask a few questions and inspect your property to determine the extent of any damage, possible entry points, and the type of animal damaging your property. Questions might include: “What have you heard, smelled or even seen?” and “How long has the problem been going on?” We’ll then locate all points of entry, determine the best course of action to remove the nuisance wildlife and provide any possible preventative measures to prevent future wildlife activity.

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Wildlife Exclusion

Wildlife Exclusion is a multi-step process starting with a complete property inspection to determine all points of entry and to devise a plan to remove the nuisance wildlife that has invaded your home. Wildlife has an innate ability to survive, and in their quest for survival and comfort, animals find themselves taking shelter in homes – usually in attics, crawl spaces, chimneys, and even inside your walls. Raccoons, bats, squirrels, and other wildlife are quite resourceful, and will find their way into homes one way or another.

Once all the points of entry are located, exclusion devices such as one-way doors, Bat cones, Pro cones, and different types of excluders that allow nuisance wildlife a safe way to exit, are strategically installed. In addition to the installation of the exclusion devices, any openings created by the nuisance wildlife will be thoroughly sealed off.

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Residential and Commercial Trapping

Trapping is our last line of defense. In some cases, the only option is to humanely trap the nuisance wildlife. In the instance that trapping is the only option available, a trapping approach will be implemented in order to remove any nuisance animals from your home or yard. Contact us or call (973) 572-6461 to schedule a property inspection.

All traps MUST be checked and tended at least once every 24 hours, preferably in the morning.

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Rodent Prevention

  • At Jersey Wyldlife LLC, our comprehensive rodent prevention services are tailored to protect your property against unwanted infestations. Using a combination of humane exclusion methods, strategic sealing, and customized prevention plans, we aim to fortify your home or business against rodents. Our proactive approach not only addresses existing concerns but also focuses on long-term solutions, creating an environment that deters rodents from invading your space and ensuring peace of mind for you and your family.

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Exterior Vent Covers

Most attic fans, roof vents, gable vents and crawl space vents are made of a plastic material with simple window type screening or no screening at all. Wild animals can and do chew through these vents to enter the attic where they can destroy wiring, cause leaks and do severe damage to your home. Keep out racoons, squirrels, birds and many other nuisance wildlife by installing covers on all the ventilation exits on your home.

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Preventative Maintenance

  • At Jersey Wyldlife LLC, we understand the importance of proactive measures in wildlife management. Our preventative maintenance services aim to protect your property by identifying potential entry points and vulnerabilities that may attract wildlife. Through thorough inspections and tailored solutions, we will implement strategic measures to fortify your premises, minimizing the risk of wildlife intrusions. There are many ways to prevent nuisance wildlife from gaining access such as installing chimney caps, exterior vent covers, sealing eaves, etc. Certain techniques will be more effective than others due to the intelligence and adaptation levels of the different nuisance animals. Our team is trained to quickly recognize and develop a credible defense plan based on the nuisance animal and their habits.

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Chimney Caps

Chimneys offer warmth and shelter, which is why it can become a home to wildlife. Bats, birds, raccoons, squirrels and more can enter your home through the chimney. When animals enter and create a home, they may deposit their waste (a toxic substance) or be unable to climb out and become trapped. Commonly, trapped wildlife can die inside the chimney and produce a dreadful odor in your home. Chimney caps can be suited to your liking as there are several options such as stainless steel, copper, and black galvanized. The opening of the chimney will need to be measured to assure an exact fit.

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Animal Carcass Removal

Life begins and ends every day, when nature takes its course and there may be unfavorable situations left behind. To help prevent the spread of disease and parasites of deceased animals, those carcasses need to be removed. Most of the time, if the deceased animal is located on public property, the town or local municipality will perform the necessary clean up. However, if any wildlife perishes on private property, in your walls, attic, crawlspace, or anywhere else on your property, it is up to the property owner to remedy the situation or call a professional. If you need assistance with animal carcass removal, clean-up, and disinfection, call Jersey Wyldlife LLC today.

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Attic Restoration

Attic remediation is a vital service when it comes to restoring your home’s safety and cleanliness. Animals such as raccoons, bats, or rodents can leave behind waste in your attic, which not only poses health risks but can also cause property damage. At Jersey Wyldlife LLC, we specialize in thorough attic remediation to ensure your space is free from contamination and potential health hazards. Our experts will not only remove animal waste and soiled insulation but also sanitize and deodorize your attic, leaving it safe, clean, and comfortable once again. Your health and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we are here to help you reclaim your home.

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