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  • Our Frequently Asked Questions page aims to address common inquiries about our methods, safety protocols, and commitment to wildlife welfare. Explore this section to gain a better understanding of how we navigate the delicate balance between human spaces and the natural habitats of these creatures.

Does someone have to be home for the Property Inspection?

No. One of our WCO’s can complete a full 360° exterior inspection to determine any entry points, damage created by the nuisance wildlife and any preventative measures to fortify your property.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, if any nuisance wildlife gets past our work within a one year period, we will return and fix the issue, provided that our work has not been tampered with by any other contractor or individual other than Jersey Wyldlife LLC.

Do you remove dead animals?

Yes. Whether the deceased wildlife is in your attic, inside the walls of your home or outside in the yard, the carcasses need to be dealt with to prevent health hazards, diseases and parasites, insect infestations, lingering odors and stains.

What kind of wildlife do you handle?

Almost any wildlife that a property owner deems as a nuisance. This involves the following animals: Raccoons, groundhogs, foxes, squirrels, flying squirrels, skunks, opossums, bats, rats, mice and birds. We also remove animal carcasses.

How do you prevent wildlife from returning?

Jersey Wyldlife LLC WCO’s have had years of experience. We will manage, exclude, trap, and/or remove wildlife from your property. When trapping for animals, we simultaneously provide exclusion services to your property to ensure all current and potential entry points are appropriately reinforced to prevent re-entry.

Do you have set prices?

No. Each situation varies greatly and requires a specific wildlife management plan tailored to your specific needs. Our WCO’s will initially assess the situation over the phone and give you a baseline estimate for our services; however, for a specific quote, an inspection will be required.

How is Wildlife Removal different from Animal Control?

Many people question the differences between wildlife removal verses animal control due to them sounding similar. Jersey Wyldlife LLC is a privately owned company that specializes in managing nuisance wildlife issues. We do not handle living domesticated animals like dogs and cats. Local animal control officers usually deal with only domesticated animals (i.e., cats and dogs) and will not provide exclusion or sanitation services.

How long will it take to remove these critters?

Most nuisance wildlife removal jobs are usually completed in about a week. However, variables such as the type of wildlife, the number of wildlife, where they are gaining access and the time of the year can affect how long it may take to provide a complete solution.

Does Jersey Wyldlife LLC offer services for domestic animals such as cats and dogs?

No, we only handle nuisance wildlife. If you need assistance with a cat or dog related issue, contact your local municipality. They will be able to dispatch your local animal control officer.

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